Grammar for Writers: ESL 106, 302, 91, and English 1A

 Comprehensive Grammar Sites

FOG Login  Access to MyEnglishLab for students in the FOG (Focus on Grammar) online program
Purdue Online Writing Lab   The complete site map for OWL.
The Edit Grid from San Jose Writes  A writing and grammar correction guide for ESL Writers.
Writing and Grammar Topics for ESL 91L  This site also includes recommendations for using ESL Lab software in L-120.
Interactive Quizzes   Practice with quizzes on basic sentence parts, verbs and verbals, clauses and phrases, structural flaws, punctuation and basic mechanics, pronoun usage, etc.
The Basic Elements of English  Basic elements of English (University of Calgary) has links to Parts of Speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation, and Word Use.
Complete Grammar Index   The complete Grammar Index from
Guide to Grammar and Writing  Capital Community College Guide to Grammar and Writing
Sentence Sense-Grammar  Seven lessons including an overview of the sentence, verbs, subjects, completers and modifiers, embeddid thoughts, capitalization and punctuation, and combining sentences.
Sentence Sense - Usage  Eight lessons on fragments, run-on sentences, final -ed, final -s, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, spelling, and consistency.
Grammar and Punctuation  These Grammar and Punctuation Links are from the Stone Writing Center, Del Mar College.
Grammar Topics from Literacy Education Online  Find explanations for many grammar topics from A to Z.

 Specific Grammar Topics

Clauses   OWL Purdue
OWL Exercises  The menu on the left includes exercises for Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Sentence Structure, Sentence Style, Paraphrasing, and Writing Numbers.
Phrases  Review Phrases in sentences: Noun Phrase, Prepositional Phrase, Appositive Phrase, Absolute Phrase, Infinitive Phrase, Gerund Phrase, Participial Phrase, and Quizzes.
Grammar Tips   ESL Tips - for sentence sense
Charts and Tables for sentence grammar
Grammar and Punctuation from the University of Wisconsin Writing Center  An editing checklist for twelve common errors and other grammar lessons including conjunctive adverbs, and using semicolons and dashes.    
Grammar - Word Classes  This page will help you understand grammar terminology: word classes (parts of speech), phrases, clauses, and grammatical form and function.
Exericise List -from the above site
Parallelism When is parallelism necessary? Watch the video.
Using parallel word forms  A very fast but good exercise on writing concise sentences with parallel structure and correct word forms.
Prepositional Phrases An extensive list pf prepositional phrases for advanced English language learners.

 Spelling, Punctuation, Usage

Elementary Rules of Usage,   Words and Expressions Commonly Misused,   and Words Often Misspelled from William Strunk's Elements of Style.
Fragments and Run on sentences  The first two links are on fragments and run-on sentences.
Spelling  Correct spelling of computer and Internet terminology
Numbers and Numerals  When is a hyphen needed?
Punctuation  Explanations and examples using the ampersand (&), apostrophe, colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, hyphen, parentheses and brackets, plurals, possessives, quotation marks and italics, and semicolon.

Companion Web Sites for Texts 

FOCUS ON GRAMMAR 5   Select a unit under Student Resources.
Exercise Central Exercise Central goes with the textbook Real Writing with Readings and covers editing and grammar concerns.
NorthStar Reading and Writing  This site accompanies NorthStar Reading and Writing, Advanced level. Click Student Resources for Writing Style Checklists, Vocabulary Bank, and Internet Activities.  
McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center  In the black frame on the left, take Diagnostic A, Diagnostic B, and Diagnostic C to evaluate your own grammar needs. Complete Table of Contents for Langan's College Writing SKills.

ESL Station            ESL 106/302/91