Phonetics: The Sounds of American English  Learn the sounds of American English with this complete phonetics course from the University of Iowa . Click the buttons across the top. Video and audio clips provided.  Be patient as it takes a moment to load.
American English   Scroll down to Mr. Thingamajig to avoid the registration. Listen to Mr. Thingamajig's rapid, informal speech. Put your cursor on the first word of each phrase in the list to hear common phrases individually. On the left side are informational links without audio on Intonation, Voice Quality, Word Connections, Pronunciation, etc. The Phonetic experience is the link above this one.
Daily Pronunciation Videos   Check the archive on the right for alphabetized lists of academic words with excellent video presentations showing how to pronounce them. Scroll down for several videos under each letter.
Video Lessons  Click the links on the left for initial, middle, and final sounds.
American English Pronunciation Practice  Interactive minimal pair practice with words in context. Directions are given when you click a link. Then click the Start button.
Interactive Pronunciation Exercises   Practice activities cover the Rhythm of English, the schwa, -ed endings, etc. 
Okanagan College Lessons   Thirteen lessons on the Sounds of English with  Quick Time movie on TH sounds and interactive audio activities with other sounds.
International Phonetic Alphabet  The table contains all of the sounds (phonemes) used in the English language. Click on Amer for American pronunciation of these sounds in words.
Demonstration of Phonetic Transcription  How to read and write phonetic transcription in English.
Interactive Vowel Chart  Skip the registration and scroll to the interactive vowel chart for clear enunciations of vowels on a chart that shows place of articulation within the mouth.
The Front Vowels  Play the video for a lesson on pronouncing the front vowels. Open the audio file and minimize it. Open the Quia activity and restore the audio file to listen.
Consonant Sounds and Clusters  Click the links to practice phrases and sentences with consonant sounds and clusters. Click the audio link to play them.   
Syllables, Stress Patterns and Rhythm  Interactive activities for syllable and  stress patterns, and rhythm
List of Proverbs for Vowel and Consonant Practice  Practice Pronunciation through Proverbs. Gather a few friends and meet with a teacher in the ESL Lab. This site does not have audio files.
Poetry  Open the link to the transcript of the poem and click the PLAY button. Recitation is a great way to work on your pronunciation.

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