Academic Word List  Use sublists 7, 8, 9, and 10 or start at the beginning to master academic vocabulary.  Work your way through the exercises to practice using all the words in context.
Vocabulary Quizzes  Practice selecting the most common words in chunks of language from published articles.
Advanced Vocabulary from ESLGold   Practice many Academic vocabulary exercises under Words and Phrases, Advanced Quick links  and Quizzes from the Internet TESL Journal.
Commonly confused words from AskOxford.com.
Academic Vocabulary   An alphabetical list of academic vocabulary with part of speech and definition. (click a letter across the top of the page for words beginning with that letter.). Check out the two vocabulary game links at the top.
SAT Vocabulary Builder  Use the flash cards for 550+ SAT vocabulary words. Click "definition" for those you don't know.
GMAT Vocabulary Builder  Use the flash cards for each word list You can learn 1200+ commonly used GMAT vocabulary words.
GRE Vocabulary Builder  Flashcards with definitions for 1400+ GRE vocabulary words.
GRE Vocabulary List  Graduate Record Exam (GRE) vocabulary list with definitions.
English Vocabulary  A "dictionary" of academic words with definitions from Tameri Guide for Writers. A menu by letter is available.
Analogies  Select the word pair that is similar in some way to a given pair of words.
Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes  An excellent comprehensive site from Michigan State University that is sure to improve your vocabulary. Printer friendly pages are available.
The Roots of English  Latin Prefixes, Latin Verb Roots, Common Greek roots, and suffixes with meaning, example and definition for each (Tameri Guide for Writers site).
Prefixes, roots, and suffixes  An alphabetized list of roots, prefixes, and suffixes with their meaning and example words.
Vocabulary Quizzes on Words of Latin and Greek Origin   Scroll the page and find numerous vocabulary quizzes.
Homonyms and Homophones  Learn the difference and find examples.
Daily from Mother Jones   Improve your vocabulary by reading an article a day from MotherJones.com. Links within articles take you to similar articles with the same vocabulary, making it easy to focus on key words. Some have audio.
News English  Get vocabulary and definitions from a BBC news story. Key words are highlighted and then glossed below each article.
Quizzes and Exams  Try these quizzes from the BBC to test your English.
Idioms, Idioms, Idioms  Scroll down the page to the long list of entries. Click any idiom for a definition and example sentence.
Popular Idioms  Learn popular idioms listed alphabetically with a sentence using the idiom. Click the Idiom itself for a definition.
The Word Detective  Words and language with humor and sarcasm.
Origins and Meanings of Cliches, Expressions and Words   You can learn the origins of common cliches and expressions at businessballs.com
Art Dictionary  Art Dictionary for terms used in discussing art and visual culture with supporting images, pronunciation notes, quotations, etc.

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