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ESL 91L Index
Directed Study for ESL 91L Lab Students:  

Follow these links to progress through  your coursework while using the textbook, Real Writing with Readings and the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Your teacher may recommend links based on your writing performance. Even better is self-knowledge. If you have weak links in your English grammar and writing, go to a practice activity that is right for you. Also refer to Wishing you an enjoyable and productive semester! 

This link will help you with the vocabulary, idioms, and allusions in the novel,  To Kill a Mockingbird.

Writing Topics and
Rhetorical Modes

Grammar Online

Practice with ESL Lab Software

Writing about Literature
Click Handouts and then Writing about Literature

Writing Essays
Click Handouts and then The Essay

Reading Narrative and
Personal Essays
(Text: 99-116 and 562-569)

The Awakenings

Grammar and Punctuation
Click Handouts and then Grammar and Punctuation

All Kinds of Phrases


OWL ESL Activities


Comprehensive Grammar

An Editing Checklist

Quoted Speech

Use of Quotation Marks

Directions for using Writer's Resources - Narration

Overview of Verb Tenses
UUEG Unit 1
Basic Patterns and Elements
of the Sentence

Sentence Combination Skills


Summarizing and Paraphrasing
Result Clause

Passive Voice

Use of Passive

Reported Speech

Passive Verbs:
 UUEG Unit 11
Parallelism (Click color bar or use down arrow on scroll bar)
Review Adjective Clauses

Read and Practice Adj. Clauses
AJD. Clauses:
UUEG - Unit 13
FOG Hi-Intermed 19 & 20
FOG ADV Units 16 & 17

Reading and Writing Example Essays 
(Text 117-127 and 570-578)


Reason vs. concession

Gerund or Participle?

Writer's Resources - Example
Reading and Writing Descriptive Essays 
Tips on Writing Description 
Text: 130-144 & 579-187
Participial Adj: ed/ing

Conditional Verb forms

Writer's Resources (Description)
Nature's Wisdom Great readings    

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