Academic Resources for Science and Technology

Science and Technology is a subscription site that covers many scientific topics. Some articles can be read for free.   Science Gems provides links to science resources for K-16, including Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Mathematics, and Engineering.  Research Environmental Science at this megasite from the Multnomah County Library Homework Center. Also note the multiple Science topics listed, including Ecology, Energy, Geography, Geology and Earth Science, Natural Resources, Physics, and Weather.  Review Scientific Method and how to do objective experimentation and observation.  Find links to many areas of Technology at this site, including Computers and Internet, Engineering, Space, Radio, Television, and numerous other links.  An overview of the History of Computers  Changes in Agriculture to Scientific Farming and Agribusiness and other related topics.  Computer Programming with many related links  Information on the field of Engineering   Kosmoi: Worlds of Science and Technology - Don't miss this site!

Resources on Earthquake Safety  This site provides information on preparation, insurance, safety tips and authoritative sources for more information.   This Online Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is an excellent resource for these two very broad academic fields.  The National Geographic with reports on Science and Space  EUROPA European Commission for Research index on current research on multiple topics in Science & Technology, Agriculture & Food, Science & Society, Life Sciences, Medicine & Health, Science & Business and much more.  Ideas and Technologies to help solve Environmental Problems from EUROPA select/research_en.htm  For research photos like the one at the top, click this link.

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