Blair English for Business  This site offers many 30-minute exercises that focus on business and social situations and much more. Select a topic of interest under the Exercise Menu for study and practice activities.
Three Tips for a Successful Interview This link from One Minute MBA presents useful tips for having a successful interview. Scroll down the page for a transcript and additional videos on related topics.
Videos on Preparing Answers for a Job Interview This site has great tips on answering interview questions. Watch the video in the center of the page.
Video on Job Interview Tips This video will help you make the right impression during a job interview.
More Job Interview Videos  Scroll down to Speaking Tips for Job Hunters.
Job Interview Questions and Answers Here you will find types of questions interviewers ask and best answers.
Job Interview Tips  This link focuses on tips for interviews.
Types of Job Interviews Read about the different ways companies conduct interviews.
How to Write a Follow-Up Note   Always write a thank you note.
Sample Employment Application Forms  Here you can study forms for different types of jobs.
Employment-Related Letters  Study samples of resumes, cover letters and other work-related letters.
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Job Interview
Career Planning  Browse through many topics related to career choice and exploration. Articles on Business, Financial, and Personal Finance news  Business News, Stock Market and Financial Advice  Information on popular business topics including finding grants for small business loans.

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