This lab is for students who are enrolled in ESL 332, ESL 333, ESL 334, and ESL 337.  Lab materials provide hours of practice in all of the language skills.  The more you practice, the more quickly you will learn.  Short frequent practice sessions on a daily basis are more effective than long infrequent sessions. 

The OnSite link below lists materials available in the ESL Lab. the Online link takes you to many of the best web links for language practice. Instructors are available in the ESL Lab to answer your questions and to provide workshops to help you succeed in your ESL courses.

For each .5 unit of lab, you may complete 11 or 24 hours by Internet. Just click Online Learning Links and scroll to the skill you need to practice. Keep an accurate record of practice completed outside of the lab on your timesheet, which is available in the lab.  Please don't forget to turn it in!

     Onsite Lab Materials             Online Learning Links