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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 323

ESL 203 for ESL 323 is a zero-unit, free lab course designed to give you the individual practice and instructional assistance you need to excel in Reading and Vocabulary Development. Recommended lab activities for this level are listed below. Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials that accompany course texts.


Focus on Grammar 3 (Reading section of chapters)

Directions for using the software:
When you open FOG 3, first time users open "click here" to set your user ID and password. In the program, click the (+) sign by the chapters. Scroll down to the Reading section and do the reading and the practice exercises based on the reading. Select those chapters that cover grammar points you don't know well. The reading passage will use the grammar in context.

While reading and listening to a chapter, open the Oxford Genie on the desktop to look up new words.

Reading Explorer 2
Borrow the text and the CD-Rom. (Get help in the lab for playing the audio and video files.)

Before Reading:
      ° Look over the Table of Contents and select 6 to 8 Units that interest you.
      ° Scan the two chapters in the unit and choose Reading 1A or Reading 1B to read and listen to.
      ° Complete the "Before you Read" questions. (PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN ANY LAB BOOK.)
Read and listen
      ° Read 1A or 1B
      ° Listen to the reading (Play audio file) and read along.
After Reading
      ° Answer the comprehension and Vocabulary questions (on paper please).
      ° Go to "Explore More" at the end of the chapter.
      ° Watch the video.
      ° Type the SUMMARY of the video, using the vocabulary from the box.
      ° Extra challenge: Write out the answers to C. Think About It.
      ° If the theme of the chapter was interesting to you, read the alternate reading passage and complete the comprehension and vocabulary exercises.
      ° Follow the same directions for each unit you choose to read. You may go over your work with a lab instructor.

Inside Reading 1
Borrow the text with a CD-Rom in the back to master the academic word list in context.

Before Reading:
      ° Scan the Table of Contents and find five Units that interest you.
      ° Select Reading 1 or Reading 2 in the unit.
      ° Preview the passage: scan the title, subheadings and captions by pictures.

      ° Open the Oxford Genie on the desktop to look up new words as you read.
      ° Read the passage.

After Reading:
      ° On paper, answer the Reading Comprehension Questions and the Step 1 Vocabulary Activities: Word Level.
      ° Play the student CD-Rom and master the vocabulary for the unit you have just read.
      ° If time allows, do Step II Vocabulary Activities: Sentence Level.

Circle of Friends book group

Read Breaking Through and Lupita Mañana. Decide which group members will read which book and how many chapters to cover each week.

Meet once a week in the Lab to compare and contrast the experiences and circumstances of the young adolescents in each book: Francisco and Roberto Jiménez in Breaking Through and Lupita and Salvador in Lupita Mañana. (Note: you may meet elsewhere but track your time on the timesheet.)

Compare the experiences of these young adolescents with respect to the following points: age and family circumstances at time of leaving Mexico; dangers and fears they faced; hardships they endured; disappointments they encountered; emotional and physical effects of poverty; desire and opportunities for education; personality traits and personal skills as predictors of success. (You may invite a lab instructor to join your discussion.)

Read one of the two books with a group of friends. Decide how many chapters to read each week. Meet once a week (in an ESL Lab study room or elsewhere) and use the following questions to guide comprehension and discussion: (Breaking Through / Lupita Mañana)


You will find Reading and Vocabulary practice on under the 320 series of courses.

Visit the companion website for Active Skills for Reading or other text you may be using for your ESL 323 course under Reading. You can also borrow the audio CD to listen to the reading passages in your textbook.

Open a link of interest and read for personal pleasure.

Under Vocabulary, open the Academic Word List and master sublists 3 and 4. Open a sublist and do all of the exercises.

Check your Moodle page often, where you will find your class assignments and other links your instructor may post.

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