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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 333

ESL 203 for ESL 333 is a free zero-unit lab course designed to give you the individual practice and instructional assistance you need to excel in Basic Reading Skills 2. Recommended lab practice and activities for this level are listed below.
Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials from course texts.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE [The Reading Part of each program]

Focus on Grammar 2 (Open the Contents)
Fundamentals of English Grammar (Open the Outline)

Directions for using the software:
When you open FOG 2 or FEG, first time users open "click here" to set your user ID and password. In the program, click the (+) sign by the chapters. Scroll down to the Reading section and do the reading and the practice exercises based on the reading.

While reading and listening to a chapter, open the Oxford Genie on the desktop to look up new words.

Reading Explorer 1: Select 6 to 8 of the 12 chapters, or your instructor may assign Chapters.
Borrow the text and the CD-Rom. (Get help in the lab for playing the audio and video files.)

Before Reading:
      Scan a chapter and choose Reading 1A or Reading 1B to read and listen to.
      Complete the "Before you Read" questions. (PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN ANY LAB BOOK.)
Read and listen
      Read 1A or 1B
      Listen to the reading (Play audio file) and read along.
After Reading
      Answer the comprehension and Vocabulary questions (on paper please).
      Go to "Explore More" at the end of the chapter.
      Watch the video.
      Type the SUMMARY of the video, using the vocabulary from the box.
      Extra challenge: Write out the answers to C. Think About It.
      If the theme of the chapter was interesting to you, read the alternate reading passage and complete the comprehension and vocabulary exercises.
      Follow the same directions for other chapters. You may go over your work with a lab instructor.

Leaders of the Americas 2
Borrow the textbook with audio CD. Select 8 chapters of the 16 that you want to read.

Before Reading:
      Study the Table of Contents and select a chapter on a leader you want to learn more about.
      In each chapter, read the Timeline of Important Events, the Vocabulary Preview (Please don't write in the book), and the Story Preview (think about the questions).
Read and listen:
      Scan the title, subheadings, graphics, and footnotes.
      Read the story.
      Listen to the audio and read along.
After Reading:
      Open a Microsoft Word document. Type out and complete the Comprehension Questions.
      Type out the Story and Vocabulary Review section, using vocabulary from the box. While typing, select (highlight) the words you chose to fill the gaps and make them bold.
      Read and listen to the Dialog section.
      With a lab partner, practice reading out loud the Story and Vocabulary Review and the Dialog sections.

Listen to audio CDs that accompany course texts:
      New Password 3
      Active Skills for Reading Book 2
      Q: Skills for Success / Reading and Writing 2

Circle of Friends Book Group: (A challenging activity for those who love to read)
      Read a chapter of The Circuit each week. Four copies are available for use in the ESL Lab.
      Divide up the questions for each chapter and discuss the chapter with a group of classmates.


You will find Reading and Vocabulary practice on under the 330 series of courses.
Under Reading:
      Visit the companion website for Active Skills for Reading or for another text used for ESL 333.
      Scroll through the list of links and find topics of interest to read for your own personal pleasure.

Under Vocabulary: (Keep a vocabulary journal or new words and their meaning)
      Study the most common prefixes in English.
      Open the link to the Academic Word List and do all of the exercises under Sublist 1 and Sublist 2.
      Use any other link that helps you build your vocabulary.

Check your Moodle page often, where you will find your class assignments and other practice links your instructor may post.

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