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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 324

ESL 204 for ESL 324
is a free zero-unit lab course designed to help you excel in Listening and Speaking Skills Development. Suggested programs and activities for lab practice are listed below. Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials that accompany course texts.


Longman English Assessment
Open the Assessment icon on the desktop. First time users please create and set your profile to track your scores.
      Take the Interest Survey, a seven-question survey that will determine the appropriate tests for you.
      Take the Find your Level test, which will indicate a beginning, intermediate, or advanced level.
      After you find your level, on the Test Home page, choose Listening and take the test at your recommended level.
      You will receive your score after the test. Click on Test Home to see the links to your score report and a page listing recommended listening strategies.
      If you scored at a high-beginning to low-intermediate level, begin ENGLISH INTERACTIVE 2 (English 2) on the desktop or
BUSINESS ENGLISH if business is your interest.
      If you scored at a mid-or high-intermediate level, begin ENGLISH INTERACTIVE 3 (English 3) on the desktop or
TALKING BUSINESS if that is your interest.
     If you scored at the advanced level, begin English Interactive 4 .

If you do not use Longman English Assessment for placement purposes, ENGLISH INTERACTIVE 3 is recommended for ESL 324. (This is listed as ENGLISH 3 on the computer desktop.) To focus on Business content, use Talking Business

North American Idioms
Open the icon on the desktop. Select one of the 16 units. Each unit covers 12 idioms and includes a video segment along with a lot of activities to master the idioms in everyday language. It is recommended that you master the first 8 units in ESL 324.

Listening & Speaking Challenge
      Use the 12 idioms in each chapter in original sentences. Review your sentences with a lab instructor or share them with a partner or small group of students.
      Write a dialogue using several of the idioms. Read the dialogue with a partner.

Short Takes 2
Ask the instructional assistant in the ESL Lab for the CD-Rom. These are not kept out on the shelves. Watch short videos on various topics. Each lesson includes speaking, grammar, and vocabulary practice. Return the CD-Rom to the instructional assistant when you finish your practice session.


Lecture Ready 1: You can borrow the textbook and DVD or audio CD. Please don't write in the book.

Contemporary Topics 2: You can borrow the DVD and Audio CD. See the Instructional Assistant to request print material for a chapter.

GROUP ACTIVITIES: Challenge your listening & speaking skills

Watch a lecture from one of the above programs with a small group. Take notes as you watch. Use your notes to discuss the main points of the lecture with your group. Then express your opinions about the lecture. Did you like it? Was it interesting? Was the topic important? Why or why not?

      Small group activity: Three to four students listen to different lectures. Students then meet and use their notes to tell their partners what the lecture was about.

      Watch a video from Reading Explorer 2 with two or more students. Write down three or four questions about the video segment. Take turns asking and answering the questions each student wrote.


Pathways 2: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking ~ Video and audio files available on the Internet. (Check eslstation).

NorthStar 3: Listening and Speaking ~ Video and audio CDs (Audio files available on the Internet on eslstation).

Q: Skills for Success 3 / Listening and Speaking ~ Listening and Speaking

ONLINE PRACTICE (You can find the online files listed above on .

Go to and open the Listening & Speaking link under the ESL 320 series of courses.

Listening & Speaking Challenge
      Scroll to Video Archive on CNN Student News. Three to four students will each listen to the lead news story from a different day. Use who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to write down the important information. Then report the lead story to your partners.

      Use the recorder Audacity on the computer to make an oral summary of the lead story. Save your sound file on the desktop and email it to yourself and/or your instructor. (Be sure to listen to yourself and write down words you need to practice.) Directions for using Audacity are in the lab.

     Your instructor may assign a nanogong recording in Moodle. You can get help with your recording in the ESL Lab.

      Check your Moodle page often as you will find your class assignments and other links your instructor may post for practice.

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