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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 106 Students

ESL 206 for ESL 106 is a free zero-unit lab course designed to give you the practice and instructional assistance needed to excel in Grammar for Writers 2.
Your instructor may recommend software programs or online links that support ESL 106. Equally important, identify your own strengths and weaknesses and take the initiative to design your own course of practice to advance your grammar and writing skills. Suggestions follow.

After identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your own grammar and writing, use the lab software programs listed below to improve your skills.


Focus on Grammar 5

Focus on Grammar 5 is an excellent integrated skills program at an advanced level. It is highly recommended for ESL 106.

Frequently Asked Questions about the programs
How will I know which Parts to study?
     Look at the Contents of the program. (Open the + sign by each part.) Identify the parts of grammar you are weak in. Study the units that cover the grammar you need.
     Your ESL 106 instructor may assign Units that cover the grammar taught in class.
     Try to complete all or most of the units in the software or select those that are most challenging. For example, in FOG 5, those that cover modals to express degrees of necessity and certainty, the passive, adjective clauses, noun clauses, adverbial clauses and phrases, and conditionals and ways to express unreality may be especially pertinent.

Which parts of each unit should I study?
     Do the grammar activities under Practice (grammar exercises) and the sections called From Grammar to Writing, and Grammar Out of the Box. Then do the Review Tests. Read, Listen, and Speak activities also incorporate the grammar of each unit if you have the time for additional practice.

How will I know my scores?
     The first time you use the program, create your profile by opening "Click here." After you create your user ID and password and type in your first and last names, the program will open. At the top of the page, click Profile. Then select the section of ESL 194 with your instructor's name. When you take the review tests, you can see your progress report, and your teacher can access it, too. Take at least 6 review tests over the course of the semester: weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Focus on Grammar 4
Understanding and Using English Grammar

Focus on Grammar 4 and Understanding and Using English Grammar are also excellent software programs, and your ESL 106 instructor may assign lessons from these programs, or you may want to get extra practice with selected units. Follow the same directions above for creating your profile and tracking your scores.

Online Practice
Go to and open the grammar sections for the ESL 106/302/91 series of courses.

Group Workshops
Come to the ESL Lab with a group of classmates who have similar problems with grammar and ask the lab instructor for a brief workshop.

Individual Conferences
Bring your assignments to the lab to get your questions cleared up with a lab instructor. The lab teacher can instruct and advise, but all revisions and grammar corrections are up to you.

Check your Moodle page often for course assignments and information.

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