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       Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 316

ESL 206 for ESL 316 is a free zero-unit lab course designed to give you the individual practice and instructional assistance needed to excel in Grammar for Writers 1. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your own writing, use the lab software programs listed below to improve your grammar and writing skills. In addition, your course instructor may assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media material that accompanies course texts.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS FOR THIS COURSE: Focus on Grammar 4, Understanding and Using English Grammar, and Grammar Sense Interactive 3

Focus on Grammar 4

Focus on Grammar 4 is an excellent integrated skills program that will bring your grammar up to a high-intermediate to low-advanced level when used regularly. It is highly recommended for ESL 316.

Frequently Asked Questions about the program
How will I know which Parts to study?
     Look at the Contents of each program. Identify the parts of grammar you are weak in. Study the units that cover the grammar you need.
     Your ESL 316 instructor may assign Units that cover the grammar taught in class.
     Challenge yourself to complete most of the units in the program, especially those that cover the perfect tenses, passive verbs, phrasal verbs, direct and indirect speech, adjective clauses and real and unreal conditionals.

Which parts of each unit should I study?
     You should do the activities under Practice (grammar exercises) and the sections called From Grammar to Writing, and Grammar Out of the Box. Then do the Review Tests.

How will I know my scores?
     The first time you use Focus on Grammar, create your profile by opening "Click here." After you create your user ID and password and type in your first and last names, the program will open. At the top of the page, click Profile. Then select the section of ESL 194 with your instructor's name. When you take the review tests, you can see your progress report, and your teacher can access it, too. Take at least 6 review tests over the course of the semester: weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Understanding and Using English Grammar

UUEG is another excellent software program you or your course instructor may want to use.You will find the same suggested grammar topics in this program, but they are presented in unique formats with different content. Set your profile so that your scores on the review tests may be recorded. Focus on the grammar practice and tests for the units you select to practice. Take at least 6 review tests over the course of the semester: weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. These tests may be a combination from FOG 4 and UUEG, but make sure they are on different grammar topics.

Grammar Sense Interactive 3

Grammar Sense 3 is another interactive program that will help you improve your grammar and writing skills. The icon on the desktop says GSI3. The lessons under Practice Zone cover a lot of the grammar you need to learn in ESL 316. The Reference Zone explains the grammar of each lesson. Have fun and play games to remember the grammar under Game Zone. Be sure to take the TEST after each lesson. If you are using this program, turn in a copy of your score sheet to a lab instructor or the instructional assistant each time you complete a unit test.

Group Workshops
Come to the lab with classmates who have the same questions or grammatical difficulties you have and ask for a brief grammar workshop.

Individual Conferences
Bring your assignments and questions to the lab instructor for explanation and advice. The lab teacher will instruct and advise, but all revisions and corrections must be made by you.

Online Practice
Go to and open the grammar section for the ESL 310 series of courses. When studying online at home, keep track of your time on the lab timesheet and turn it in at the end of every month. Please record 4 hours only on each time sheet. The last day to turn in a time sheet is Friday of the 15th week (the week before final exams).

Check your Moodle page often for assignments and course information.

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