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      Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 317

ESL 207 for ESL 317 is a free zero-unit lab course designed to help you excel in English Pronunciation 3. Your instructor may recommend software programs or online links that support ESL 317. Equally important, identify your own strengths and weaknesses and take the initiative to design your own course of practice to advance your pronunciation skills. Suggestions follow.

English Interactive 4 (English 4 on the desktop): Focus on the Pronunciation section in each chapter.
American Accent Program: open the folder on the desktop for Vowels, Consonants, and/or Intonation.

Well Said
Targeting Pronunciation
Focus on Pronunciation 3


Select a segment to listen to from your textbook or from an online site (print it). Use Audacity on the computer desktop to record the segment. Upload your recording to the computer desktop or a USB drive. Play the original line by line and listen to the same segment of your own recording. Circle words or phrases in your text or on the page you printed that need improvement.
Keep a notebook of words and phrases you have difficulty pronouncing. Write sentences using these terms. Check your pronunciation of these sentences with a lab instructor. Record yourself reading these words, phrases, or sentences.

The lessons below and many others can be found on ESL Station under the 310 Series of courses under Pronunciation.

Short video clips from JenniferESL: Listen and practice with one video each day, or select the pronunciation lessons that cover your self-identified pronunciation difficulties. Use the Next button at the bottom of the page to scroll the three pages of exercises.

Phonetics: Graphics and videos for pronouncing the various classes of English consonants.

View short videos of the sounds of English from This site will help you articulate all of the sounds of English.

Select a brief one-act play, a 10-minute play, or a monologue. Prepare to perform a reading of the script with classmates or by yourself if you choose a monologue. (It won't be necessary to memorize lines.) Ask a lab instructor to critique your performance for proper pronunciation.

Poetry Recitation: Under "Search for Audio" or "Newly Added Recordings," Select a poem to listen to. Prepare to read the poem and recite it to a lab instructor or a classmate. Or you can record it in the lab and send it to yourself, your instructor and/or a friend to listen to.

Check your Moodle page often to keep up with class assignments and other practice links your instructor may post.

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