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      Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 337

ESL 207 for ESL 337
is a free zero-unit lab course designed to give you the practice and instructional assistance needed to excel in English Pronunciation 1. The lab programs recommended for this level and how you can use them to improve pronunciation are listed below. Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials from course texts.


English Interactive 2 or 3 (Pronunciation section of each lesson)
(English 2 on the desktop)

Your instructor may recommend the Pronunciation sections of lessons that will support a class lesson, or you can independently work your way through the Pronunciation sections of English Interactive 2.

Fundamentals of English Grammar (FEG)
Open the (+) sign by a lesson. (Your instructor may assign one based on grammar errors she hears in your speech.) Do to the Listening and Speaking sections of the lesson. You will be recording and listening to your own speech. This is very useful practice for word endings, especially for verbs.

American Accent Program
Open the icons called Shortcut to Vowels, Shortcut to Consonants, and Shortcut to Intonation. If you have questions about using this program, ask an instructor or assistant in the ESL Lab.

Audio CDs for the following texts are available in the Lab.

     • Clear Speech from the Start
     • Sound Bites
     • Focus on Pronunciation 1 or 2
     • Audio material from any other text your instructor assigns for ESL 337.


Complete at least 12 pronunciation activities from English Interactive (English 1, 2, or even 3 if your instructor recommends a lesson).
When practicing the Listening and Speaking activities in Fundamentals of English Grammar (or any program), you will get more out of your pronunciation practice this way:

       Open the transcript for the lesson.
       In another window, open Audacity to record the transcript. You can get help with Audacity in the Lab.
       Upload your sound file and save it to the computer desktop or your USB drive.
       Listen and compare your speech to the original.
       Email your sound file to the instructor if asked to do so.

While in the ESL Lab, practice in a small group for short periods of time with the assistance of a lab instructor or instructional assistant to target specific pronunciation problems. You can bring a dialogue, reading, or specific practice activity from your text or other source to the practice session.
Use the audio material that accompanies your textbook or other assigned material for lab practice.


Take charge of your learning and plan for small group practice for short periods of time (15-20 minutes) with the aid of a lab instructor or instructional assistant. Just sign up for help in the ESL Lab and an instructor can work with your group.


You can find Pronunciation Practice on ESL Station under the 330 Series.


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