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    Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 322

ESL 322L for ESL 322 is a lab course designed to give you the individual practice and instructional assistance you need to excel in Paragraph Development. Recommended lab programs and activities for this level are listed below. Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials that accompany course texts.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE (Your instsructor may recommend a specific program.)

Understanding and Using English Grammar
Focus on Grammar 3

Directions for using the software:
When you open either program above, first time users open "click here" to set your user ID and password. Use the same user information for both programs. When the program opens, click Outline for UUEG and Contents for FOG. At the top of the page, click Profile and your user information will appear. Below it, select your class and click save.

Why do you need to set your profile? Each chapter has Review Tests (UUEG & FOG) and From Grammar to Writing and Grammar Out of the Box (FOG). By setting your profile, you and your teacher can see your score report, and in Focus on Grammar instructors can comment on your writing.

Grammar Sense Interactive 3 (and recommended topics in GSI 2)

Directions for using the software:
Click the icon for GSI 3 (or GSI 2) on the desktop. Select a unit to study from the Topic Menu. Practice the grammar in the Practice Zone. Open Reference Zone for explanations of the grammar. Use the Game Zone for challenging, timed games that require you to use the grammar of the lesson. If you don't use the same computer to take your unit tests, you will need to print your score reports. Turn in your score reports to the Instructional Assistant in the ESL Lab.

Easy Writer ~ Level 3 and Expert level

Directions for using the software:
Open the Easy Writer icon on the desktop. Read the instructions the first time you use the program. On the Main Menu, select Level 3 and work your way through the program. Level 3 contains editing practice and grammar lessons on Conditional Sentences, Indirect Speech, Passive Voice, Gerunds and Infinitives, and Mixed Bag. The Expert Level reviews the grammar from all three levels.


Conference with a lab instructor on writing assignments for ESL 322. The lab instructor may help you in the following ways:
      Discuss prewriting techniques such as listing, outlining, clustering, etc., to help you start creating and organizing your ideas.
      Use the Revising Checklist for Paragraphs, to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the three elements of your paragraph: topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentence.
      Suggest revision strategies for better content and organization.
      Suggest editing strategies to avoid and correct your most common grammar and word choice errors.
      Suggest a lab assignment to improve your grammar.

Please Note: The lab instructor may point out to you certain patterns of error but will not correct your paper for you. The purpose of the conference is to make you a better editor and to enable you to make the necessary revisions and corrections discussed with the lab instructor.

Initiate a group workshop: Come to the lab with a group of classmates who are experiencing the same difficulties you are. Request a group workshop with the lab instructor.

Use a software program listed above to practice the grammar you need to master.

ONLINE PRACTICE (in the lab or at home)
When practicing at home, please track your time on the lab timesheet. Record 4 hours only on each time sheet. Turn in your  timesheet(s) at the end of each month. The last day to turn in a timesheet is Friday before final exam week (Friday of Week 15 in the semester.)

ESL Station, 320 Series:
      Grammar links
      Writing links
      Worksheet for an academic paragraph
      Graphic organizers for planning different types of paragraphs

San Jose Writes on ESL Station: Go to the the Edit Grid and after identifying your errors through your instructor's comments or through your own proofreading, select areas of difficulty and open the teacher icon for explanation and practice.

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