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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 332

ESL 332L for ESL 332
is a lab course designed to give you the practice and instructional assistance needed to excel in Basic Writing Skills 2. The lab programs for this level are listed below. Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials from course texts. While in the ESL Lab, you can also go over your writing or ask questions about grammar with our lab instructors.

INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE: The following two programs are highly recommended.

Fundamentals of English Grammar
Focus on Grammar 2

Frequently Asked Questions about the programs

How will I know which Parts to study?
Look at the Contents of each program. Open the (+) sign to see an expanded list of topics. Which parts of grammar are you weak in? Study units that cover the grammar you need.
     Your ESL 332 instructor may assign Units that cover the grammar taught in class.
     Challenge yourself to complete one of the programs over the semester.

Which parts of each unit should I study?
     In Fundamentals of English Grammar study the charts and do the grammar exercises in each chapter you study. The chapters also have Listening, Reading, and Speaking activities at the end of each chapter. Try them if you have time. Be sure to take the short tests (four of them totaling 20 questions) at the end of each chapter. Set your profile to keep track of your scores.

     In Focus on Grammar, study the Grammar Notes for each chapter you do. Then do the Practice activities under Discover the Grammar and the sections called From Grammar to Writing, and Grammar Out of the Box. Then complete the Review Tests. You will strengthen your grammar more if you also complete the Read, Listen, and Speak activities in each unit, but for a grammar and writing course, the parts listed above are enough.

How will I know my scores?
     The first time you use either of these programs, create your profile by opening "Click here." After you create your user ID and password and type in your first and last names, the program will open. At the top of the page, click Profile. Then select the section of ESL 194 with your instructor's name. When you take the review tests, you can see your progress report, and your teacher can access it, too. Take at least 6 review tests over the course of the semester: weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Grammar Sense 2

Grammar Sense 2 is another interactive program that will help you improve your grammar and writing skills. The lessons under Practice Zone cover all of the grammar you need to learn in ESL 332. The Reference Zone explains the grammar of each lesson. Have fun and play games to remember the grammar under Game Zone. Be sure to take the TEST after each lesson. Print your score sheet. If you take the test on the same computer, you will have a record of all your scores. Please turn in your score sheet to the Instructional Assistant in the ESL Lab each time you take a test in this program only.

Easy Writer

Easy Writer is an editing program that focuses on common grammar errors. Select the Level 1 or the Level 2 menu and select the grammar topic you need to practice. You will then have 4 stories to read, listen to, and correct. Be sure to go through the instructions the first time you enter the program. You will be asked for your name each time you use the program so that you can always see your scores.

Group Workshops

Come to the lab with several classmates and ask the lab instructor for a brief workshop on a writing or grammar issue you all find difficult.

Individual Conferences

You may meet with the lab instructor to get help with your writing and grammar. However, the instructor will not write or dictate a paper for you. It is up to you to make all corrections and revisions discussed. The instructor can explain grammar to you but will not correct your grammar. That is up to you.

Online Practice

Go to and open the grammar and writing sections for the ESL 330 series of courses. When studying online, keep track of your time on the lab timesheet and turn it in at the end of every month. The last day to turn in a time sheet is 2:00 P.M. Friday of the 15th week (the week before final exams).

Check your Moodle page often for class assignments and messages from your teacher.

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