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   Recommended Lab Practice for ESL 334 Students

ESL 334L is a recommended lab course for ESL 334, Basic Listening and Speaking 2. In the lab you can get instructional assistance and use the programs listed below to help you excel in ESL 334.
Select the material that is right for you. In addition, your course instructor may recommend activities from this list or assign alternate activities, Internet exercises, or media materials from course texts.


English Interactive 2
   Directions for using the software
   Open English 2 on the desktop. First time users open "click here." Set your username and password and save.
Next, open the Course Outline. Open the (+) sign by the units marked A.1, etc. Open Unit Home and then work your way through all of the parts of the unit: Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening Challenge, Pronunciation, Reading, Review Quiz, and Unit Summary.

   The first time you open a unit, please click Edit Student Profile at the top of the page. You will see your username and password. Scroll to select class. Choose the class with your instructor's name and click save. By doing this, you and your instructor can track your scores on unit tests.

Focus on Grammar 2 [Listen & Speak Sections]
   Directions for using the software
   Open FOG 2 on the desktop. Use the same username and password you used for English 2. Open Contents and then open the (+) sign for each unit and then the (+) sign by Listen and Speak in each unit. Your instructor may suggest a unit to study, or you can select units based on the grammar topics you need to study. Click the Grammar Notes for explanation.

Fundamentals of English Grammar [Listen & Speak Sections]
   Directions for using the software
   Open FEG on the desktop. Open the Outline and then open the (+) sign by a unit you want to study. Scroll way down to Listen and Speak in the unit. Your instructor may suggest a unit to study, or you can select units based on the grammar topics you need to study.

Business Connections

   Directions for using the software
   Business Connections is an elementary to pre-intermediate course that focuses on listening and speaking tasks for students interested in professional business topics. Each module has three chapters followed by a review test. Set your profile to track your scores.

(Select the material that supports the textbook used in your course.)

World Link 2: borrow the DVD or audio CDs
Pathways 1: borrow the DVD; audio files are online under 330 series ~ Listening and Speaking.
Contemporary Topics 1: Borrow the DVD or audio CD
Northstar Listening & Speaking 2: Borrow the DVD and audio CDs; audio files are also online.
The Oxford Genie: Open the Genie on the desktop and use it when you need to look up a word.


Open the Internet and go to Open the 330 series of courses and then open Listening/Speaking. Highly recommended sites are as follows:

    Connect with English Video Series for Episodes 25-36 and Episodes 37-48. Click the links for discussion questions for each series of episodes.
    The companion website for your textbook. Check with your instructor.
    BBC Learning English: Click on 6 Minute English and Talk about English.
    CNN Student News
    Breaking News English

Please Note: It is recommended that you set aside at least a half hour each day to listen to English. When you are listening at home, please track your time on the ESL Lab time sheet. Record four hours only on each time sheet. Turn them in at the end of each month to the instructional assistant or an instructor in the Lab. The last day to return a timesheet is the last Friday of the semester (week 15).

Speaking Practice

Do you have an oral presentation to give or a group discussion assignment? Come to the lab with a speaking partner or a discussion group to practice before your class session. If the lab instructor is available, he or she can meet with you and help you prepare.

Your instructor may assign a nanogong recording in Moodle. You can get help with your recording in the ESL Lab.

Check your Moodle page often for class assignments and any other links your instructor may post.

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