Oaxaca, My Hometown

                                                                   Manuel Diaz-Rios

Oaxaca, Mexico, is my hometown. I love my city a lot. I was born there, grew up there and hope to die there. How can I say that Oaxaca is a beautiful or wonderful city if many cities are so. Since a long time ago, I have felt that those adjectives fall short to describe Oaxaca. Between my city and me there is a special relationship. It has seen me grow up and I have known her very well. I know every tree in Oaxaca, every house on her streets, every tile on her floors. For that reason, I feel able to affirm that Oaxaca is a magical place. To me my city is a dream come true. When I am in Oaxaca, I enjoy walking through the city and contemplating the majesty of her walls, doors, windows, fences, floors and all the details that make this city unforgettable. Oaxaca is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by enormous blue turquoise mountains. From there, Oaxaca seems like a dove in her nest. A nest made of majestic colonial houses, elegant buildings, peaceful churches and temples, relaxing plazas, charming streets and colorful vivid markets, which make this city unique. In addition to her awesome construction, nature has been generous to Oaxaca. Along the streets or in the plazas, in the patios or sprinkled all over the city there are a lot of marvelous and dazzling plants, bushes and trees which color the city. I have never known what is more colorful in Oaxaca –the vivid flowers of the trees or the birds which nest and live in them. In Oaxaca  I feel alive, my five senses are awakened by the hubbub of the birds, the smell of the flowers' perfume, the touch of the sun, the charm of the landscape and the taste of the sweet salty flavor of the air. To me, there is no place like Oaxaca .