Perfect Contentment - By Yue Li (China)


     Half Moon Bay is my favorite place because I feel awestruck by its beautiful scenery. The warm orange light of the evening sun in summer creates a sparkling golden path across the vast blue ocean. The surrounding sky is colored with pink, orange, and creamy violet. Silhouetted against the colorful sky, a lonely surfer quickly runs into the rolling waves.  A distant shrimp boat appears on the horizon as lots of sea gulls trail behind, screeching and swooping for their food tossed into the water. a frightened crab scampers through the sand in front of me and rushes into a nearby hole. As seaweed dances slowly in the water, the warm wind drags gently at strands of my hair. the constant crash of tumbling foam muffles the laughter of a group of children who race by me in a game of tag. I feel the cool smooth sand pass through my toes and fingers. My skin is pleasantly warm, still red from the strong rays of the afternoon sun. The sky begins to darken as the sun melts into the ocean. Soon thousands of twinkling stars sprinkle the evening sky, and the moon appears as a sliver of silver crescent. It seems strange that one place, one moment in nature, could reach such perfection. I smile with peace and contentment as I think to myself: this is my favorite place.